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About Orange Heart

Orange Heart wishes to offer its active support by ensuring not only its sustainability, but by participating in its development process.

We want to provide adapted economical, ecological and progressive solutions adapted to it.

Our hopes for the New Life School is that the school become a model school, in agreement with the ambition of its founders, and with the full support of Orange Heart association.

With the school’s unique location, in the heart of Siem Reap city, our wish is to make this school an example, a open source of inspiration and influence for other public schools all over Cambodia.

By interaction, we believe that it will bring a new vision of public school abroad.

The President’s letter

guillemet Education is the pillar of personal development, and its access is a fundamental human right.

Education allows us to acquire the minimum and basic knowledge essential to our lives and, we must be conscious that the transmission of this acquired knowledge is a promise,of strength and progress for a society.

To do so, Education must be well adapted to its time: by applying effective teaching methods with open minds and a real human care, and providing the tools and supplies needed for teaching.

I believe that effective education should be able to grasp all aspects of the world around us, deal with societal issues, question history and awaken consciences from an early age. The New Life School is a new kind of school, it is an afterhours’school, it’s non-governmental and it doesn’t interfere with the public school. It provides support Khmer classes, English and French classes, and also Art classes and pedagogical creative workshops.

Independent since its foundation but with a fragile autonomy due to a lack of income, it receives daily a hundred disadvantaged children of Siem Reap, and its surrounding villages.

But in order to sustain and develop the school, urgent financial support is needed: the buildings are getting old and most of the volunteers come and go, which is not the best conditions for a teaching establishment. We must remunerate at least 4 teachers to maintain and reinforce its activity.

An effective pedagogical and methodological support and a follow-up is absolutely necessary, such as a solid modern building with a proper eco-system. So that pupils can learn in the best possible conditions.

Those are the priorities.

Since my first visit as a volunteer, I could see how much this school means for all the children. It was more than just a place to learn things: It represents a real safe home.

For many children, it is even their unique real shelters against outside aggressions, as the pagoda where the school is located has its doors always open.

The New Life School is a home, a place of life and culture and its doors are always open. It is a place where the children feel welcomed and considered. And that is how I imagine schools should be, in Cambodia, as everywhere else in the world.

In such a school, children can naturally bloom in a caring environment and it can ensure a brighter future for them.

There is no doubt that children from difficult environments are also the most motivated: they have such a thirst for learning unlimited. This is why, in my opinion, they must be warmly encouraged.

I grew up in France and I was lucky enough to receive an education based on strong humanist values. In return, it is my duty and my responsibility as a human to help my brothers in need.

I firmly believe that only union makes strength, and that every gesture, every contribution of every one of us here, however modest, brings great and magnificent achievements in our beautiful Cambodia.

Vanessa Cabaleira,
for Orange Heart association

Information: Voluntary service and Donations

Orange Heart is a non-profit humanitarian association based in Paris, France.

Orange Heart is not to be associated with any political party, federation, or trade union.


We accept all volunteers (minimum age: 18 years) after sending us their letter of motivation and a copy of their ID, by email.

Personal contact details will not be communicated or shared: they will always remain confidential.

For field volunteers, in order to ensure their commitment, they must also register by sending an email and fixing an appointment with the manager of the New Life School.

Registration fee is US $ 5.

Donors and Benefactors

We accept all benefactors and donors, with the utmost respect for their privacy.

Personal or contact information remain confidential.

However, those same information are still required in order to send the tax receipt.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, benefactors and donors have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning them.

For any further information, we invite you to contact us by e-mail:

English translation: Vanessa Cabaleira
Photos: Geoff Greenwood

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