New Life School: Needs and Necessities

Venerable Vorn Saven teaching in front of the library

Venerable Vorn Saven teaching in front of the library

guillemet The NLS group wants to raise awareness about the need for a better educational system.

But despite notable achievement from the school and great will of developping, the school has no subsidy. The children are asked to pay a participatory and symbolic sum of 5000 Riel (about 1.30 $) at the beginning of the year, but most of them, for family reasons, cannot pay. Nevertheless, none of the children has his access denied.

Mediation between the monks of the pagoda and the family is done to set up each child situation and to be able to decide on a solution if his/hers safety and health is at risk.

Thanks to donations during Buddhist events or conferences in the central temple, involving monk students, the NLS group can, at the end of those events, collect enough to pay the monthly electricity bill.

However, since 2015, money becomes more and more scarce as the NLS group sees its members leave the program, once their monastic duties completed and the buddhist safran colored robe is given back for some of them who wants to live a modern life. And that’s at that time when “Orange Heart” decided to be conceived.

The main aim of the NLS is to help the children of Siem Reap and of surrounding villages (907 villages) not fall into patterns of violence: Abuses that would track them for the rest of their lives. Much rather it is to orient them towards a promising future, providing them with indispensable support, support that the Cambodian public school does not provide them.

While the school is finding it increasingly difficult to sustain itself, the motivation and ambition of the NLS persist and there is no shortage of children.

The pagoda where the school is, stays open to all, every day.

English translation: Vanessa Cabaleira
Photos: Geoff Greenwood

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